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Important information!!

If you did botox or fillers there need to be

4 weeks in between to book your treatment 



For those who can't do a sculpt facial

>Skin conditions: Facial massage should not be performed on skin that has open wounds, lesions, rashes, or other conditions that could be exacerbated by manipulation of the skin.

>Inflammation: Facial massage should not be performed on skin that is inflamed, as this could exacerbate the inflammation and cause further irritation.

>Recent facial surgery: If a person has recently had facial surgery, such as a facelift, they should not receive facial massage until their doctor gives them the all-clear.

>Acne: People with active acne should avoid facial massage in areas affected by the condition, as the manipulation of the skin could worsen the acne or cause it to spread.

>Allergies: If a person has known allergies to any of the products used during the facial massage, such as oils or lotions, the massage should not be performed.

>Medical conditions: People with certain medical conditions, such as a history of blood clots or heart disease, should avoid facial massage or consult with their doctor before receiving it.

>If you are pregnant 

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